Choreographer & Creative Director

Dance is like a language – the more vocabulary you aquire the more your ability to express emotions intensifies and the clearer your understanding becomes.

With Alec – the movement is his vocabulary and the grammar his technique. Born in Baku, he grew up in Prague, matured in Munich and Cologne together with travelling around the world has influenced him in his passion for dance.

Only those who have experienced visiting many countries can speak freely of this world. Be that Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, Contemporary, Commercial, Hip-Hop or Salsa Alec’s connection to dance makes him feel at home everywhere. A professional dance and choreography education at the Ballet School Benedict Manniegel in Munich and also at the Academy of Arts in Munich served as the foundation for his journey through dance.

As a choreographer and creative director Alec is especially focused on the interaction, passion, expression and artistry of each dancer and team member. Experienced in all styles of dance, he has choreographed for Marlboro, the Eurovision Song Contest, Fashion Events throughout the EU and numerous TV productions in Austria, Switzerland and Germany to name a few. Speaking five languages (including fluent English, German and Russian) he holds strong communication skills.

Alec’s experiences on the stage and behind the camera led to the opportunity to work closely with the prestigious Bavarian State Opera, the Bregenz Opera Festival and shows for the German private TV broadcasters RTL and Pro7. Alec has also had the privilege to perform live as a dancer for international stars like Kelly Rowland, Sarah Connor and Peter Maffay.

Alec is proud of his energy, commitment, drive and profesionalism and will inspire a connection with you throughout his journey.